backendless update current user object

Update current user object in iOS BTW its readonly proprty

You can update the user object which would be stored in UserService.currentUser by calling any of the update methods of the UserService object.

For instance, if you want to update user.propertyName with newValue, you can do something like this:

if let usr = Backendless.sharedInstance().userService.currentUser {
     usr.setProperty("propertyName", object: newValue)
         response: { newUser in
             let updatedUser = Backendless.sharedInstance().userService.currentUser
             print(updatedUser) // updatedUser and newUser should be the same now
         }, error: { err in

Thank you, Elena, for your comment!

But looks like Anan should update the latest Backendless SDK from CocoaPods (3.0.22 release) or from github (CommLibiOS & backendless libs with them include folders).