Backendless.UserService.login have a problem

Backendless.UserService.login(user, pass,stayConnceted)

the stayConnected stoped to work.
the system throw 403 error (forbidden)
to override the problem i using local storage, but its have it’s security problem

please adavice

Hi Zeev

what version of JS-SDK are you using?

I just created a simple example to check your issue, and the “stayConnected” still works
my simple code is:

Backendless.Users.getCurrentUser().then(currentUser => {
  if (!currentUser) {
    Backendless.UserService.login('dexter@com', '123456', true)
  } else {
    console.log('You are already logged in!')

could you provide a code snippet to reproduce this issue, it would help us to investigate the problem

and what do you mean when say: “to override the problem i using local storage, but its have it’s security problem” ?

Regards, Vlad

JS-sdk : 4.1.2

I used the option above until Thursday, since then it stopped working and I need to local storage the user and password to byPass the problem.
but I can’t use this method for long as it’s represent security issues.

tayLoggedIn- a boolean value requesting user login information to be saved so it can be reused when the application restarts (or page is reloaded).

since last update of JavaScript, this method is not working at all.

Hi Zeev

Looks like I’ve found the problem. are you using minified version of the JS_SDK, right?

Could you try out this one

I can reproduce your issue only with not minified file

We’ve fixed it and release JS-SDK v4.1.3, could you check this out and confirm that “stayLoggedIn” works correct

Regards, Vlad