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Hello mark piller,

I selected a cloud 99

pack 1 year ago . My cloud 99 pack will over after 1 day and i want to change to free plane (first plane) in given image which is not shown to me. Please help me to choose a free plane as show in the below image.


Your screenshot shows that you already have the free plan selected.


No sir ,
Thats my friend’s Account Screenshot.
MY account screenshot

Sir Mark Piller,
as in given screen shot Free plan is not shown to me

The old free plan is not available anymore. The new free plan is called Springboard.


sir Mark Piller,

Can you please extand my pack just 2 day . i really really need that.
My college exam is on 26 june on india time. This is my final exam.
I have to show my project to college. i dont have enough money to buy membership of you. Please extend my pack till 26 june . i will be grateful of you.

I apologise, but we do not have the ability to extend billing cycles. The system is completely automated.