BackendlessFault{ code: '3048', message: 'Session timeout. Url: <...>' }

When I call this code(Android SDK): Backendless.UserService.login(userName, passwd, true),Backendless returns this error:BackendlessFault{ code: ‘3048’, message: ‘Session timeout. Url: <…>’ }

Hello, DK.
i have tried to make login with “stayloggedin” - and got a correct BackendlessUser.

Please, provide your example.

I provided, I just try to login and this error happens from time to time.

Could you please try now? Does it still happen for you?

The same problem sometime raises in

After that backendless sdk throws BackendlessException{ code: ‘3048’, message: 'Session timeout.
After cleaning data of application and reinstalling it problem is solved.

Now I can’t reproduce it, but I didn’t make any changes