BackendlessFault{ code: 'null', message: 'Unable to adapt response to Custom object' }

When I try to save an object:,
Backendless returns this error. What is the reason?

Hi DK,

Sorry, your description of the problem is not enough detail to make any suggestion.
Please note that according to our support policy, we do not offer free support for general debugging of user applications.
If you are sure that the problem in the Backendless but not in your code, please provide us minimum sample to reproduce your issue.
Regards, Ilya

Everything worked well but at some time BE has started returning this error. Can you send your mail for code sample?

Please, see my topic with the same problem and solving:

Hi, can you provide email for code snippet?

Tried this solution and it didn’t help

DK, you may send your code to or store it here.

Regards Anton

Could you please try the following form of the API:

Backendless.Persistence…of( CLASS-OF-customObject).save(customObject);

For example, if customObject is of type/class Foo, then the call would look like:

Backendless.Persistence.of( Foo.class ).save( customObject ).


I had tried this way and it didn’t help.

final Object save = Backendless.Persistence.of(clazz).save(argument[0]);

response is - unable to adapt string to date due to parse exception - Unparseable date:

Please provide the following:

  1. the code which you use to save the object including the listing of the class passed into the “of” method.

  2. your application ID


provided via mail

Thanks, we got it. I should’ve mentioned it in the same response, but we also need to see what values you have in the object you’re saving. For example, it could be a dump from the debugger.