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Backendless.Messaging.cancel return value

Please let us confirm about following inconsistency.

On Backendless SDK v1.12 for Android, released 11.26.2014,
the Backendless.Messaging.cancel() method has been changed its argument as follows;

void Backendless.Messaging.cancel( String messageId, AsyncCallback<Boolean> responder );


void Backendless.Messaging.cancel( String messageId, AsyncCallback<MessageStatus> responder );

We think there is an inconsistency between asynchronous method and synchronous method.
The synchronous method’s return value is boolean.

boolean Backendless.Messaging.cancel( String messageId ) throws BackendlessException;

We’re not sure but It seems better to change the return value.

Sorry if my English does not make sense.


Hi Niro,

Yes, I agree, it is better when there is “symmetry” between the sync and async methods. We will make that change.