BackendlessUI Charts

Hi Everyone

I’m using the Charts and I have an error when I want to have 2 charts at the same time.
No problem with one at the time, starting with the first one or the second.
But if one it’s deploy the other give me this error.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 00.47.52

I’m not familiar how to debug it or what does it means, Any help please.

This is how I build the chart:

Thanks, Mario

Hello @Mario_Ghersi

The error is pretty user-friendly for your case. It says you trying to remove an element that isn’t a child of the element on which you call the remove method.

To ensure that, you could open browser dev tools, Elements tab, and find the chartBlock(element with class .dashboard__chartYear). After that, you should check his children(all elements inside him).

And if the error says true - you will not find myChart.

Also, there could be a second case, where you have a collision with duplication of some block’s ids or class names, so pay attention to this too.

In a case, if your issue still won’t be found, provide your app id, and we will take a look.

Thanks !!!

Yes the problem was at the javascript because I did copy&paste and the myChart was the same name in the two graphics with problems.

I need to change in 3 places the name myChart to myChartYear.

Leave the explanation here for avoid next time.
Thanks again, Mario