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Just a couple of general questions really on backup.

I have followed this great blog

  1. Is it necessary to do this or is there any in built mechanism to back up the data automatically without resorting to the console for manual backups everyday? (even if it was on paid plan?)

  2. If you follow the blog post this will put the backup archive into the Files section of the app. However am I correct in thinking that for a proper fail safe backup a developer will still need to go and manually download this archive every day? Or can I be confident that this archive will remain safe in the file section of the app even if the app gets unexpectedly deleted / has a catastrophic crash or a server crashes etc etc. If not, is it possible to add code to the blog so that the archive gets automatically emailed to the developer for safe keeping or some other fail safe system?



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Hi Mike,

  1. If your app is on a paid plan, there is no need to do this.
  2. If the app is accidentally deleted, we still should be able to recover.


Hi Mark

Thanks for the info…

  1. OK that is good to know. The apps which I would like be to backed up daily would all be on a paid plan so that is great. Can I access the backups or are they stored internally on your systems? I just feel better when I can see and test the backups now and then! :wink:

Hi Mike,

No, you cannot access the backups we perform, they are within the server-side infrastructure and are not accessible via API or console.
You’re welcome to perform your own backups and download them for offsite storage.


Thanks, that what I thought.

But just to double confirm - any app on a paid plan e.g cloud9 is automatically backed up daily and I can rely on this in the event I ever need to recover data from the data tables?

Many thanks


Hi, @mike-turner

As Mark said earlier if your app is on a paid plan, there is no need to do back up by yourself.
But, if you want you’re welcome to perform it and download for offsite storage. :slightly_smiling_face:


OK just a bit paranoid and needed a double confirmation!! Thanks!

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Sorry to add to the already solved question, but I still have a follow-up question to clarify.

If I am on a paid plan, how would the process work in case we ever need to use backups? Since we cannot access backups ourselves, should we contact you, and you would restore the project?

Also, would this work only for data tables, or the whole project setup would be recovered (email templates, business logic, etc etc.)?


Hi Justinas,

If you need to restore an app from the backup, please contact support (via this forum) and specify your application ID. We will work with you to identify the backup you need to be restored. The nature of the backup/restore process is that we cannot restore a specific data table, instead, the entire application is restored as of the time when the backup was made. On average the process takes about 3 hours. The associated cost is $150 at this time (may change in the future).


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the detailed information.



I accidentally deleted my app. The Id is 31E743BF-3290-E964-FFC1-1A713DEC0A00

Please help me recover it.


Hi @Hayden_Song

I have replied to you in the adjacent topic.