backup restore business logic

dear all,

i want to move my backendless that i using (for me it’s a dev enviermet) to new backendless.
how do i backup and restore the entire BL?


Hi Zeev,

You can use the “Clone App” button on the main dashboard in Backendless Console - it will create a replica of your app including the Business Logic.


hi mark,

i need to move this app to other account, i want to totaly sperate them


Hi Zeev,

Clone the app first, then contact us with a request to move the app to another account.


There is actually a way where you can do it all by yourself:

    Clone the app Invite the other developer to the new app (Manage > App Settings > Team) Modify the other developer permissions (grant all permissions on the same screen Manage > App Settings > Team) Login as the other developer to console Remove the original developer from the team
Regards, Mark

application was cloned

app id: 55520DD2-2DA5-BAC4-FF0B-705EE8838C00

i want to transfer to app Id: B0B29EE5-216C-180D-FF26-5135E6386800

i will also change the payment, so it will work.

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I must have misunderstood. Do you need to transfer BL from an app to another existing app? In your original post you said you want to transfer to “new backendless”. I assumed you’re talking about a “new backendless app”. Please clarify.

hi mark, I have an app that I used when I develop the product.

now I want a new clean (without files) on new email account.
but I can backup only data, not the bl (don’t want the file)
this is a step before moving to managed Backendless pro.

If you want a new app with the same business logic with a different developer account, you should follow my instructions here:


i don’t want to clone or create another developer
i backup the data and transfer it to new account
now i need to transfer the BL
that’s it


your “new account” IS another developer. It can be the same person, but when you login with a different email address that’s a different account and form the backendless perspective it is another developer.

right, this is what i want, all is good.

now i want to transfer the entire BL

When you clone the app (step 1 in my instructions) the BL is copied to the new app as well.

i saw, it was cloned, but again, i want to another email, another account, separated completely.

the data have a backup, but not the BL :frowning:

If you follow my instructions, you will get exactly that

i cloned the app

got the same file system, this is what i don’t need!!!

i need only the tables scheme and the BL.
clone app will copying the same, and give me also the files

i have another user, another email, want’s that all will be there, another paid account with the same BL.
why i don’t have a simple option to backup and restore my app, including BL?

once the BL is transfereed, i want to move to paid account

Business logic RESIDES in the file system. Any other files/directories you do not need can be simply removed in the cloned app.