Badge increment - Push notifications

Hi there,
Is badge increment supported yet? I can’t find any documentation to increment badge… Below is my code.
func SendPushMessage(toUser: BackendlessUser, message: String) {

let deviceId = toUser.getProperty(“deviceId”) as! String

let deliveryOptions = DeliveryOptions()
deliveryOptions.pushSinglecast = [deviceId]

let publishOptions = PublishOptions()
publishOptions.headers = [“ios-alert” : “New message from (”, “ios-badge” : “1”, “ios-sound” : “default”]

backendless.messagingService.publish(“default”, message: message, publishOptions: publishOptions, deliveryOptions: deliveryOptions)

Disregard. I read last week’s post regarding the same issue. You can mark as answered.

I don’t know how to increase badge number automatically in backendless.

I seem there is no way.

Yes, you should manually manage it via “ios-badge”:“N” header when you publish a message

I can’t increase it automatically as like Parse?

Not now. We plan to add this functionality in one of the next release.

Has Backendless released this feature?

The internal task BKNDLSS-13429 is created. We need some time to implement it (in 4.0 version)

Thank you. Looking forward to this feature, and desperately need it and is critical for Push!