Billing missing for 2 month

Hey Guys,
we did not recieve the bill for jan and feb 2023 for our app 94D17EE3-97F1-475D-FFDF-DA02068C4500

could you send them to the email please?

best regards

Hi @Torben_Murach ,

Have you checked inbox for email from application owner account or some other one?

About 2-3 months ago we forcely synchronized customers info in billing system with information from related developer accounts in Backendless. Due to this action it is possible that your previous billing email was overriden by email from your Backendless account (currently emails in your account and billing customer are the same).

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy,
yes I checked the email but did not get the reciept. From March on they come again. Could you send the ones for Jan and Feb?

@Torben_Murach ,

I have resent those 2 statements to your email. Could you please check and confirm that your received them?

Regards, Andriy

Got them!