Billing module is visible to all app members

Backendless Version (Cloud)

Client SDK (Irrelevant)

Application ID (all of them) (example: 62E318EC-C262-4C54-8A07-02E47F40ADE7)

Expected Behavior

1.Billing module must only be available for those user with the Billing permission.
2.Email with statement file shouldn’t be delivered to non-billing users

Actual Behavior

Regardless of the member permission, the Billing module is displayed to any member.

Hi @iamenriquediaz,

Was this app created with a referral code where you invited yourself?


To be honest, I don’t remember. I think that app was created with another account and then changed the ownership to me.
Check this one: 3D05FA65-00C4-C2FE-FF06-318C82A30B00. joel.xico is also receiving the statements.

This app (“3D05FA65-00C4-C2FE-FF06-318C82A30B00”) is on the Springboard plan. What is the application ID of the app where you have trouble with the billing screen visibility?


Yes, the reason it doesn’t work is the app was created with a referral code you applied to yourself. This will need to be investigated further - there is no quick fix.

Got it. However, if a user A created an app using user B’s referral code, and user C doesn’t have the Billing permission, can I expect user C to not see the Billing module? In other words:

  • Owner: User A
  • Admin: User B
  • Collaborator (without Billing perm): User C.

Note: I’m not talking about that app but another one without ownership movements.

That’s exactly how it works. The problem right now is with the apps created with a referral code.