Billing Questions


I just recently started the Backendless trial and I’m considering my options. I have a couple of questions which I can’t find answers to via the site.

  1. I see that some of your Function Pack prices are going to increase in cost in November. In the post announcing this you only list some of the Function Packs. Are they all going to increase or just the ones listed? Function Pack Pricing Changes Coming November 2022 | Backendless

  2. I see different prices for Function Packs. On your website pricing page you state “Expanded script/code execution time (20 sec) $10/Month”. Whereas in the Marketplace is shows as $5/Month. This will be increasing to $30 per month in November, so this is a 600% increase?

  3. I don’t see a Function Pack for increased number of API calls. Is there no option to increase this?

  4. Where is the Backendless Console which is mentioned on the pricing page of your website? I can’t see it anywhere in my app or account settings.

  5. Since Function Packs are increasing in price should we also expect an increase in the Cloud 9 and Cloud 99 subscription fees in the coming months?

Thank you for your help.


Hello @Ross ,

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

  1. Prices for functional packages will be increased only for those specified on the website.
  2. Thanks for the message, there is an error on the website, we will update the price soon. You can find the current price on the Marketplace.
  3. If the limit for the number of API calls per month is exceeded, a package for increasing the number of API calls per month will be automatically purchased.
  4. Backendless Console is the management page of your application. Prices for packages can be found in the Marketplace
  5. The increase in the price of feature packs is done in order not to increase the price of subscription to plans. If the price of paid subscriptions will be increased, we will definitely inform you about it.


Thanks for getting back to me, Nazar.

  1. I don’t actually see a package for API calls on the marketplace. Where can I see pricing for this?

@Ross ,

For the Cloud 9 and Cloud 99 plans, additional calls over the limit are $0.80 per 100000 API calls.
You can see it on this page by hovering over the info icon opposite “API calls/month”.


Ohhh I see now, missed that!

Brilliant, thank you for your time, Nazar.

All the best.

@Ross ,

Thank you for contacting us. Please let us know if you run into any other issues, we’re here to make sure you have a fantastic experience with Backendless.