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Billing Statement Issues

(Jay Kerr) #1

Hi, I upgraded an app that is still on version 3 to Cloud 9 on September 15th and my credit card was billed $24.97 on 9/16. I received an invoice by email on 9/15, but it shows the charges as $0.00. I need to turn in an invoice to my accounting dept., but the invoice doesn’t match the credit card charges. Your UI doesn’t allow me to view payment history or retrieve past invoices. Also, the invoice does not indicate which app the invoice is for; a problem when I have multiple apps.

How do I request a corrected invoice?


Another issue with your invoices; I receive email invoices for my apps in 4.0 that are just a short, unformatted email. The statement I received for the app mentioned above was a PDF of a well-formatted statement (although the billed amount was incorrect). Why can’t you send a single statement that lists all apps by name or APPID and their charges? Getting a separate invoice for each app, that are formatted in completely different ways is sub-optimal.



(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Jay,

Please address any pricing and licensing related questions to

This is a technical support forum and we cannot handle this types of issues here.

From the implementation perspective, the emails you receive when you purchase something are not invoices. This is simply an email confirmation that a purchase was made. A complete statement (notice a statement, not an invoice) is emailed at the time when a subscription is renewed. That statement includes all the activity for the past month. The reason I pointed out it is a statement and not an invoice, is because invoices are used when a customer owes money. When a payment has been already paid for the service, it becomes a statement. For example, you do not receive invoices for your mobile phone service, they are also statements.