Blocked API

APP ID: 5DB992A8-DB0A-4497-8D4E-7FF9A50FBBF6

Hi Guys. I have been blocked on API calls on a test app I am developing which is on the free tier at the moment.

It looks like it is being blocked as my Data objects in a table is more than 1000. I have however deleted rows in the largest table, yet it makes no difference to my 1,652 data objects in a table which is the only thing I am over use according to my current usage.

Can you please tell me how I can reduce the data objects if deleting rows in a table is the wrong way to go about this.

Many thanks,


Hi Mike,

I believe deleting the rows is the only way to bring the app to be within the that limit of the plan. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the next plan which has a much higher limit.


Thanks Mark, I sorted it by deleting more rows in another table.