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BLOCKED - Can't pass Retrieve Data With Aggregate Functions

There is no way to add multiple aggregate functions via REST CONSOLE UI. I can’t edit the request URL, therefore, I am stuck as I can’t apply the solution given here: Blocked at Mission Data Mining 6/6 - Retrieve Data with Aggregate Function

Please send the request from your browser as it is shown in the video, not from the REST console.


I understand. Why I can’t do it from REST console? Is there a limitation at the moment?

It works by the way. I would recommend to fix it or add a note to guide the user as I can see many persons get blocked trying to do it via the REST console.

This was frustrating. Seems it would be relatively easy to add support for multiple aggregate functions in the REST console.

Hello @Scott_Beeson

You are awesome and we appreciate you for reporting the proposal.
We will discuss with the team about implementing such a feature.

Even when I run this in my browser, it doesn’t mark the task as completed. :frowning:
How can I mark the task as complete?,MIN(LifeExpectancy)%20as%20MinLifeExpectancy,Continent&groupBy=Continent

Hi @Tim_McIntosh

You should have passed different properites separated not by commas but by &property=.

Try this url: