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Boolean values can't be set

(Juergen Doubrawa) #1

Since from the start I have problems setting boolean values from the console.
I imported most data from Parse.
For instance in one table I have 2 boolean columns. Now when I set the first value in the Console I get the error

Unable to save object - invalid data type for properties - isDefault. …
When I then set the second column (isDeleted) I get a successful changed message. Then I change the first column again (isDefault) and this also quits with a success message. (Looks like I have to set all boolean values once to get a success message.)
But the values do not get displayed correctly. When I open the table again - it shows the old values.

(Juergen Doubrawa) #2

BTW the same happens when I change a bool value in a EventTrigger. It seems to be set right, but in the console gets displayed wrong.

(Anton Govorushkin) #3

Hello Juergen!

Could you please provide ZIP you used for migration from Parse so we could reproduce the issue you are facing (

Regards Anton

(Juergen Doubrawa) #4

I sent an email with example data to the support address. I used the Console Import mechanism to import the data.

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #5

what is your applicationId?

(Juergen Doubrawa) #6

I sent the applicationID to the support email address.

(Vitaly Vengrov) #7

Internal ticket created: #13347

(Juergen Doubrawa) #8

Is there a planned date when this will be fixed?