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Bug in files size


Strange bug discovered in dashboard: disc space growing all the time.

Seems like every time file is loaded and rewritten - it’s not deleting old file.
Should be around 30 MB and now its 100 MB and adding 1 MB after each file rewrite.

my appId: 49B0BC04-4D38-9AB9-FFE2-C1CB62CBE800

Hi, Vadim. Could you also, please, show the route you use for upload ?

Hi, Oleg. Actually its frozen on 110 MB for 1-2 days.
Using that scheme with 1h timer.

I’ve created an inner task for this problem (BKNDLSS-17727).
The progress about it will be posted here.

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Now its 34 MB, someone cleared it or bug is fixed.
Will continue watching

Just found:
Timer is stopped, will relaunch it and see what will happen.

Research results: each timer run adds 1 MB.
Can write to some1 in Slack if debug needed.

Hi Vadim,

As Oleg has already mentioned - we’ve reproduced the issue with overwriting files while calling createFile API and have put it on our roadmap. When it’s fixed you’ll be notified in the support topic and your file storage usage will be re-calculated


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