Bug in Schema Update with Table Changes in Backendless Services

I am experiencing an issue with Backendless services where the schema in the Swagger file does not update in response to changes made to the database schema.

This is what I found:

  1. Schema Not updating after table update: When I modify the database schema, these changes are not reflected in the service schema for some of my existing services. The schema remains static after the service is created, leading to outdated information in new methods added to the service.

Attempts to manually update the method parameters (thereby triggering a save), such as updating the argument declaration does not update. This is true even for newly created method under the affected service.

However, a newly created service does seem to get updated schema.

Here’s a video demonstrating my steps for more context:

Video Link.

Any insights or solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated as I have quite a few methods that I would rather avoid having to recreate in order to get my Swagger to work correctly. Thank you!

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Hello @Bob_Leung

I opened a ticket for the team to investigate the problem.


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