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Bug: ui builder

Application ID: 8840A4C4-3C8F-C44C-FFEC-D08A894AB200

Oops. An internal error [cfbb021cfcc77b42cf21e3a128f6b932] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later

Problem description

When I delete the “default” landing page, the error occur.

Steps to reproduce

Please describe steps to reproduce starting from the first action.

1.create new landing page called “noname”
2.edit “noname”(specifically the button click), publish then
3.delete the “default” landing page

Hello @John_Aerial_Azcune

Thank you for your report.
However, I do not see any problems in your UI-Builder containers now, do you?

And according to our logs, the error happened because the UI-Builder tried to load the page right after it had been removed. You just saw a red alert on the top-right corner, didn’t you?
Anyways, we already have an internal ticket for that BKNDLSS-22342.

Regards, Vlad

Yes.since I want to contribute in improving the backendless that’s why I report it… Tnx… I’ll check it now!!

it seems it’s bug (I guessed)… cause you need to select another landing page to delete the “default” page… I tried the ff:

Upon clicking the frontend and the page completely loaded, I try to delete the “default” but same result (it throws error).
Next, I’ll try to select the other page/deselect page then delete the default (success)…

Hello @John_Aerial_Azcune

Thank you for discovering this problem, this will definitely make Backendless better.