Building a Flutter Shell For UI Builder

Hello All.

I have some doubts about this topic and I hope you can enlighten me.

First, I am no coder. That’s why I chose Backendless to start building my idea. After some time, I manage to build a web app, knowing that it could be possible to build a mobile app which would open the URL of the web app from backendless.

After reading your blog entry about “Building a Flutter Shell For UI Builder” I realize that maybe this was the final step.

But I wonder if I need to follow the instructions in the GitHub for every change I do in the UI builder. Or just do it one time and deploy the changes by publishing the app container?

Thank you.

Hello, @giovanny_padilla.

Of course not. These changes are needed to prepare your application for publication. Actually setting the bundleId, the team that was developing it, its own image for the application, the loading screen, and other things.
After you have published your application (or if it is currently at the testing stage, i.e. you run it in debug mode directly on your PC), then you just need to make your changes in ui-builder, deploy the application and replace your files in the assets/ui_builder_app folder with the files from the folder inside the archive you received. The next time you launch the app, your app will be updated.

Simply put, you only need to do this once, then just update the files and your changes will be pulled in.

Best Regards, Nikita.

Thank you, Nikita.

I followed the instructions and (after some rookie mistakes) I arrived to the same conclusion.

This morning I waked up with the idea to publish a container with just the logic to open a URL containing my banckendless web app. That way, I just need to edit the UI builder and the changes would deploy online.

I tested and worked. But I would like to ask you (if it is not too much). Do you think is a bad idea to build and publish in the app store this simple app?

Hello, @giovanny_padilla.

I don’t know, it’s up to you to decide. From the fact that you publish the application - it will not be worse. Next time will be easier.

Best Regards, Nikita.