Bulk relation update


is it possible to use bulk update function for updating relation column in table?

Hi, @Nikola_Vojinovic

Please provide us additional info about your case and the result you need to achieve.
Have you seen docs describing adding/setting a relationship using a condition?

Set/Add Relation using a condition - Backendless REST API Documentation


We want to update relation column insp_fk_trenutni_status for whole table. Set/Add functions in codeless doesn’t contain where clouse so we can update only one object relation at the time.

@Nikola_Vojinovic, yes you are right the set/add relations block can not be used for many objects.
At first you need to find all objects in a table that you would like to update Search with the Where Clause - Backendless REST API Documentation
then for each found object call the add/set relation request Set/Add Relation with objects - Backendless REST API Documentation