Bulk Update Codeless block: format of the "changes" property

Hi there,
I have a calendar table with rows = events that contains start_time and end_time properties.

I am creating some Codeless logic to loop through the entries and modify the start_time and end_times by one hour (or 3600 seconds), due to DST.

I cannot find any documentation on how to format the changes property of the Bulk Update block, can someone point me in the right direction?

Hello @Andreas_Marinopoulos, ypu can not apply a list, you should provide JSON, that will be applied for all objects. Updating Multiple Objects - Backendless REST API Documentation

okay @sergey.kuk , is it possible to have the structure of the json object required? can we update the database objects with variable data?

eg bulk update column A of table X, in row 1 write a while in row 2 write b.

Hi, @Andreas_Marinopoulos

It cannot be done with the help of Bulk Update component as it will update the database objects with the same data. If you need to update variable data it can be done only for a single object.

Regards, Marina

I am still uncertain about how to make a “change” using the bulk update codeless block. I would like to update a property in every object in a table. The property is updated daily on a timer, and it represents the current date. I can’t find any instructions or examples. Anybody know how to do this?

The change property is an object that contains property name and their corresponding values. For example, consider the following codeless logic:
UI Builder - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2021-09-07 16-53-06

In here we update all objects in the Person table that match the following where clause:

loggedInOnce = true

The change that will be applied to those objects is setting the userVerified column value to true.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Mark, Thanks yes this helped. I have the timer set up to update the dates in all my tables. For anybody else who is trying to find a workaround for the absence of now() and today() type functions in generated columns, setting up a timer to update date properties is pretty easy. Here’s what mine looks like.

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