Bulk update operation is prohibited for the system columns

Hey guys I’ve got a big problem, for some reason i’ve started getting the error

Bulk update operation is prohibited for the system columns: email.

The API Method : UpdateCandidateDetails
The API Service : backendemployers
My App Id : 91B1BBBC-51BA-F6F3-FFC0-EDF5487CA600

I’m struggling to understand why its just started happening. Please assist asap as this is happening in my production.

Hello @Arnold_N

I was able to reproduce the issue and created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-22985. It will be fixed on this week.

Has this been fixed? Thanks

Hello @Arnold_N

This problem has already been fixed and is being tested by the QA team. After the fix is verified, it will be released and we will additionally inform you in this topic.

Hi, @Arnold_N

Sorry for a long wait, we’ve updated our cloud servers with a fix for you. Please verify whether everything works fine now.