Bulk Upsert via REST API


I see that there is a Bulk Upsert block available in the Transaction API in codeless. What is the equivalent REST API call? I cannot find anything in the documentation.


The operation referenced in the screenshot is an upsert for a single object.

The Bulk Upsert API is documented here:

Whoops…meant to screenshot this one


The docs you linked to are in the Data API, is it not possible to do bulk Upserts in a transaction?

If it is possible in Codeless, it is definitely possible with our SDKs and REST. Do you need it specifically with REST?

I’m writing some Python scripts to sync data from elsewhere, it would be nice to bundle it into transactions, and there’s no python SDK that I know of so REST it is.

The REST payload for the Bulk Upsert operation in a transaction must have the following format:

   "operationType": "UPSERT_BULK",
   "table": "TABLENAME",
   "opResultId": "OPRESULT-ID",
   "payload": [
        {  },
        {  }

Does it help?


Yes thank you. I didn’t see that operation type documented here so I didn’t know it existed: Unit of Work API - Backendless REST API Documentation