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bulkUpdate for list of objects by objectIds

current bulkUpdate needs where clause and make update by single parameter object. I need something more similar to how bulkCreate works - you provide list of objects with ObjectIds and other fields:
var persons = [
{ objectId:“abcd1”, “age”:24 },
{ objectId:“abcd2”, “age”:34 }

Hi Yuriy,

thank you for the suggestion, this sounds like a great idea. We will review it internally and consider adding to the roadmap.


Fully agree with Yuri!!!
It would be great and logical to have such an opportunity.

We have to update thousands of records on our project. And this should be done as quickly as possible. To bypass the current constraint, we must first delete all entries using bulkDelete and then using bulkCreate we restore all records with last updates. It doesn’t look very good, and not as efficient as it could be.