Business logic deployed to Standalone not working


After deploying my server codes to the standalone Backendless in my dev server, I could not run the events using my rest console. I get results when I debug with CodeRunner but the connection timeout when I tried to run them in production.

The code I was running:

namespace com\dverdev\events\custom_events;

use backendless\Backendless;        
use backendless\core\extension\BaseCustomEventHandler;
use backendless\core\servercode\RunnerContext;                

* TestAnythingEventHandler handles custom event "TestAnything". This is accomplished with the
* BackendlessEvent( "TestAnything" ) annotation. The event can be raised by either
* the client-side or the server-side code (in other event handlers or timers).
* The name of the class is not significant, it can be changed, since the event
* handler is associated with the event only through the annotation.
/** @annot({"BackendlessEvent":"TestAnything"}) */ 

class TestAnythingEventHandler extends  BaseCustomEventHandler
  public function handleEvent( $runner_context, $event_args ) {

    // add your code here
    echo "tested";
    return array (
    	"result" => false,
    	"error" => "",
    	"errorCode" => 0


Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Alexander,
Please check whether the Backendless Code Runner service is started.

Hi there,

after running status, I have confirmed that code runner is running. (All services are running)

Hi @Alexander,

The Script Runner service for PHP,JS is turned off for standalone. Please contact to discuss the paid plan for you to use Script Runner in Standalone.


Ok, if that is the case, would it work if I switch to Java?

Yes, Backendless Standalone has no such limitations for Java Code Runner.