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Business logic deployed to Standalone not working

(Alexander Hartdegen Lee) #1


After deploying my server codes to the standalone Backendless in my dev server, I could not run the events using my rest console. I get results when I debug with CodeRunner but the connection timeout when I tried to run them in production.

The code I was running:

namespace com\dverdev\events\custom_events;

use backendless\Backendless;        
use backendless\core\extension\BaseCustomEventHandler;
use backendless\core\servercode\RunnerContext;                

* TestAnythingEventHandler handles custom event "TestAnything". This is accomplished with the
* BackendlessEvent( "TestAnything" ) annotation. The event can be raised by either
* the client-side or the server-side code (in other event handlers or timers).
* The name of the class is not significant, it can be changed, since the event
* handler is associated with the event only through the annotation.
/** @annot({"BackendlessEvent":"TestAnything"}) */ 

class TestAnythingEventHandler extends  BaseCustomEventHandler
  public function handleEvent( $runner_context, $event_args ) {

    // add your code here
    echo "tested";
    return array (
    	"result" => false,
    	"error" => "",
    	"errorCode" => 0


Any advice would be appreciated.

(Arthur Dzidzoiev) #2

Hi Alexander,
Please check whether the Backendless Code Runner service is started.

(Alexander Hartdegen Lee) #3

Hi there,

after running status, I have confirmed that code runner is running. (All services are running)

(Arthur Dzidzoiev) #4

Hi @Alexander,

The Script Runner service for PHP,JS is turned off for standalone. Please contact to discuss the paid plan for you to use Script Runner in Standalone.

(Alexander Hartdegen Lee) #5


Ok, if that is the case, would it work if I switch to Java?

(Arthur Dzidzoiev) #6

Yes, Backendless Standalone has no such limitations for Java Code Runner.