Business Logic Deployment Size Issue

We were getting errors while deploying to our managed instance that indicated that we needed to move to a Cloud9/99 plan. After some review, we were told that our code size was too big and the size was increased to accommodate. This is an error! Our code including node_modules and even the .git folder (all history) is only 53M which should be well under the initial limit.

Hello John,

Are you still having difficulties with deployment or you’ve already got the assistance?

Regards Anton

Code deploys currently. but the error is inaccurate.

Please determine why and resolve.

Ok, I’ll close this one and reply regarding error handling in the separate topic you’ve created.

Please don’t do that - Mark asked me to open this issue. They are only related because the deployment didn’t produce an error, but this error is/was incorrect. We are and were nowhere near the limit, yet increasing the limit fixed the issue. Please diagnose this issue. The failure to report the error that shouldn’t have existed in the first place is a separate problem.

We checked the deployment procedure and the limits for the deployment size on your managed installation and it works properly. The limit is not being checked and I was able to deploy about 50 mb of code (while cloud99 limit without additional function packs is 3MB).

This issue occurred on your cloud app?


No, we know that we were deploying to the managed instance since this was what was causing our issues when RSYNC was overwriting our code that was deployed into managed. You may want to discuss with Mark. The prior response was that they increased the limit on our managed instance. I may have misunderstood, but he would be able to clarify.

John, I will close this topic for now as the problem went away when you switched to Managed. Please let us know if you see it again.