Business Logic - Event Handler - Before or After Timing usecases?

I’m watching this video " How to create a Codeless API Event Handler with data filtering logic"

and i came across this section where it describes a “Timing: After” usecase.

Can someone please describe a usecase where “Timing:Before” would be used? Thanks

Hi @William_Lee ,

This timing tells server when to apply your logic (before or after action by which event is triggered). Depending on the timing a different set of input params will be available to your logic. For example, for “find” event in “before” event handler you will be able to interact and modify data query and this logic will be executed before actual find will be performed. In the “after” handler for the “find” event you will be able to access and modify result of find action.
The same is valid for other events.

Regards, Andriy