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Business Logic is timing out, App is not getting data

(Jonathan ) #1

I have not made any changes to my Business Logic in weeks, but for some reason in the last 24 hours, my users have not been able to access their data and my logs are showing that there is a timeout happening in the business logic fetching. When I run in debug it looks like the service requests are getting terminated after 5 seconds hanging.

Can someone please look into this?

(Maksym Khobotin) #2

Hi, Jonathan!

Please specify your appId.
Are all the requests terminated? Or only some of them?


(Maksym Khobotin) #3

@Jonathan1 Also could you please specify what does your Business Logic do?

(Jonathan ) #4

The main cloud code logic that is used by our app makes calls to fetch objects are the ones timing out. The logic makes multiple calls to fetch data objects and all of their relations. It also checks objects groups and permissions.

(Maksym Khobotin) #5

Thanks for the information.
We are working on this task. As soon as there will be some news, we will inform you.


(Mark Piller) #6

@Jonathan1 would it be possible to try individual queries your business logic makes (perhaps with curl) to see which one results in longer execution and possibly leads to the time out?

(Jonathan ) #7

It is the calls to fetch my data that are having the issue. But it is inconsistent, sometimes the call does not time out.

(Mark Piller) #8

Would it be possible to get a curl request for the API call made in your business logic?

(Petr Kibukevich) #9

I have the same problem, although earlier everything worked without failures. I see here all the time asking questions what exactly this logic does. In my opinion, it is very simple. If it became too difficult for the server, then in general then why did you make it possible to create it? Do not admit that you have a problem on the server)
My appId: 3A932C69-022C-443A-FF96-2BA0157DAF00

(Mark Piller) #10

@Petr_Kibukevich If things were as simple as you describe, we would not be asking any questions. If we ask a question, it means only one thing: we need information which would provide us clues as to what happens.


(Petr Kibukevich) #11

Ок, what information do you need about my problem?

(Mark Piller) #12

I believe there is already another thread where it is being discussed. Let’s keep the discussion to one place only.