Business Logic: Timeout in Production

Precondition: we have “Expanded code execution time (20 sec)” installed for the application

When I debug a certain action in takes 5-8 seconds to execute (there’s an external host call in one of the data event handlers).
Afer deploying it to production the action time out on every request:

“code”: 15000,
“message”: “Custom business logic execution has been terminated because it did not complete in permitted time - 20 seconds”

Hi Kateryna

If this is about JS Business Logic. Please take a look at the following troubleshooting articles :

I have checked the links you sent me:

  • all promises are either rejected or resolved
  • external host, to which request is made, is approved
  • I went through logs to see the time in which all required modules are loaded for the event handler (“Model is built in”), and the value is less than 300ms. However, the logs are a little outdated, they don’t contain anything since 2016-11-16 11:23:59. Is this time in UTC?

What else should I look into?


What is your application ID?


And if you remember, when the host was approved ?

@Mark our application ID is D3EE6869-99AA-73E8-FFED-40612E93F400

Please, check. Now everything should work.
I have a question, whether you changed the domain binding to the ip address ?
Because now we get another ip addres for the same host. This can happen, if you use amazone without static ip address. Hence every reboot your server may get another ip.

Everything works now, thank you for your help.

The host was approved on October 22nd (if you still need the info). We do use AWS without static ip address. We will have this fixed before production release.

Hi again. We have the same problem now. I have talked to our DevOps, and we cannot use static ip, because we will have troubles scaling then. Could you please fix this issue one more time and advice what to do in the future.

We have made ip static for our DEV domain in order not to get blocked by this issue again (but we won’t be able to do it in production). Please fix the domain for us, it is blocking development.

if your domain was changed, just remove old domain and add new.

The domain name did not change. The ip address, to which it resolves, did.
The code started working after several hours. We did not change anything. Could you tell me what is the reason of such issue and how to avoid it in the future

if you change ip address for domain the system need some time cache it.

Ok, I see. What is the TTL for your cache?

it depends from code runner type, it can take from 10 to 60 minutes. Also we are working to decrease this lag

We have this issue again today, even though our ip address has been static for three days. Please investigate it. Login times out with more than 20 seconds, and it doesn’t even make calls to external hosts


May I create a test user account in your app to see how login would work?


Currently the issue is gone again, so I’ll let you know when it’s back again so you can do it