Business logic timeouts

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Hi Guys, I have begun to get premature business logic interruption on this app. Looks like it begun on the 8 April. Don’t think I have had this problem before and we haven’t had any code changes. I tried running the app and it is showing this error fairly consistently (about half the time) when I try a backendless function. I increased the limit to 20 seconds by purchasing an extension pack, but it even times out on that.

This is the app where you added some business logic code for me so maybe that has something to do with it, but again not been a problem up till now so looks to me like it is some network issue.



Hi, Mike!

Can you add logs to see which requests cause timeouts?
Also, do you depend on third-party services that may cause this problem?


Hi Maksym

It is data retrieval requests and backendless saves - we are simply looking up information from the user table and the loyalty points table. We look up a user by their id and then get the related information from another table. We have always done this and not had timeout issues in the last 3 years.

Also, If we save new data to the user or a user related table we are now also (sometimes) getting a timeout error. Sometimes it works quickly like it always has and sometimes it just stalls and timeouts. Very erratic behaviour.

No third party services.

I can’t say for sure, but this might only be happening on requests through the IOS app - certainly that is where we are seeing the problem at the moment. Nothing timing out on our web app which is pulling more information.

Strange that this only started this week - have you had any issues this week or has anything changed since the 8th April which might have caused this?

We discovered that we made some changes recently that may cause such a problem. We are investigating this and will let you know once it is fixed.

The problem is fixed. @mike-turner Could you please check and confirm everything is fine now?

Hi, it does not seem to be giving any problems now on my development machine.

I have asked app owners who noticed to the fault to let me know if they think it is working fine again.

Will let you know if they think there is still a problem.

Many thanks for your help.

I’m glad to hear it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to let me know if the problem still exists.


Hi Maksym

Unfortunately still got a problem. It is very strange sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It can time out on lots of different things through the app, like signing a user in, retrieving data from the user table or retrieving data from another table or saving information. There seems no pattern to it. If I try and grab some user information from their table it might work straight away, or it might not work first time and work second time or work first time, but not second time. The problems logged so far have all been reported on iOS apps.

I had hoped it was fixed, but it has just done it on my own iPhone again.

Sometimes backendless processes are instant, sometimes a bit slow (5 - 10 seconds) and obviously sometimes not at all.


Hi Mike,

Do you see these problems in your iOS application or in the business logic? The original post was about timeouts in Cloud Code, but it is not clear to me where the problem is now. Please clarify.


Hi Mark,

It is timeouts in the iOS app, sorry for any confusion caused. At least this is where we are noticing the problem, but I did wonder if that piece of custom business logic might have some sort of indirect knock on effect. Unlikely, just clutching at straws really.

So the problem which is very erratic is adding users, retrieving, adding information and saving to a backendless table etc when a call is made from an iOS app. It will literally work one time, then not work another time.

Do you see the same behavior when you invoke those functions from Backendless Console? I mean, can we get an example of a request to call it few times and see the timeouts?

Hi Sergey. I can send you the code in the iOS app which is giving grief and you can see if you can replicate? I am not sure how to use the console to replicate a look up or save I do in iOS. I am out today, but will get that code to you asap.Many thanks, Mike

I’m not sure that your code will be useful for us in debugging this. As far as I understand, the timeouts happen when you invoke some Business Logic API Services, is it correct? If yes, we can make the same requests using REST APIs, which will also exclude the probability that the problem is in some app’s code.