Business Logics not Executed and xhr poll error

App ID: D3828E7D-B42E-B69F-FFFC-EFE55E612400

Hi there, I have an API service updateLeague that’s supposed to update data in a table when data are submitted into another table. It has been working fine but today the data are not updated. I try to see what the problem is but the real-time logging shows xhr poll error.

Any idea why this happens? Thanks!

Hi Louis,

Is the app hosted in EU or America?


Seems like America based on the iconimage

But currently all the operations are done from within EU (data submitted from EU).

From what I can see one of the Event Handlers seem to have disappeared and the UpdateLeague API service has lost several blocks. Is there some issue with the server last night? And anyway I can recover the old settings?

Hello, @Louis_Cadier. Сan you check if you are currently experiencing an error with real-time logging shows xhr poll error?

Describe in more detail about EventHandlers so that we can reproduce the problem step by step.

Yes the real time logging xhr poll error is still there.

As for the eventhandler, I have another handler that’s supposed to evoke the updateLeague API every time a new date is submitted. But it has disappeared and the updateLeague API doesn’t look like it used to be neither, some blocks are missing.

Let’s focus on the real time problem first (btw we recommend that a separate topic is created for each individual problem). Where can we see the problem? Is it in Backendless console or your app? If the former, please post a complete screenshot, cropping images removes much necessary context needed for problem resolution.
Thank you.