Businesslogic external services


Is it possible to create a call via external service that would be use connect and persist data into external db by using Hibernate Framework?


“External service” running where? In Backendless?


Yes in Backendless. I am looking for option to use external db.

You could try using Hibernate, although I am not sure if it will work. For example, custom services do not allow thread creation. If hibernate tries to do that, you will get an error.

Yes hibernate created a new thread. So I go an error:
“code”: 0,
“message”: “Type:“java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError”, Description:“Could not initialize class io.ap1.anaylitcs.service.HibernateUtil”\nExceptionClass:“ServiceException” {Msg:“none”, Cause:“none”}”

Is it anyway to create more then one thread with custom services?

In the current version there is no way to create additional threads.

Why won’t you store the data in Backendless and then pull it out with the API call from elsewhere?