C# and Windows Forms (Winforms)

Do you support C# and Windows Forms (winforms) with your REST API? I can’t find any examples! Let me know if there are any. Thx.

Hi Emmad,

We have a native .NET SDK which you should be able to use in a Windows Forms app. Have you tried that?


Thanks for your reply. I did not find documentation on using the REST API with a Windows forms application. That is why I posted this question and that is why I did not use the SDK yet. It would be great to point me to some documentation specific to C#. Thx.

Using REST API with Windows forms is a matter of creating an HTTP request for the specified endpoint and the required HTTP headers.

The .NET SDK hides that complexity and provides native .NET APIs to work with the Backendless services.

The doc is here: http://backendless.com/documentation/users/dotnet/users_overview.htm

Great, thank you so much for your quick reply and good answer. Cheers :slight_smile: