Calendar numbers setup


I’m working with the Appointment Manager but my calendar is not properly copy.

Someone know where could be my mistake?

Thanks, Mario

How did you make the copy?

Because I need just the calendar just Block by block and all the code inside of each button and the page.

But I’m not found where the weeks breaks.

Now start by 1st of May Sunday that it’s correct. I posted the solution, but still not breaking by weeks!
Any idea where is the line break?

Hello @Mario_Ghersi!

Could you please try adding css properties for the parent block (it has the .calendar__dates class):

flex-wrap: wrap;
flex-direction: row;

I hope this helps.


Nop still the same problem.

Maybe you can explain me how to copy&paste the calendar from the sample where is working properly.

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

Since the component is working properly in the original blueprint, we cannot provide free support for the scenario when you copy the component. Please contact to get a quote for having our consulting services assist you.