Calling 3rd Party API from static IP Address

I have an app where I am required to get some data from a 3rd party API. This is a Xamarin Forms app running on iOS and Android. I have been told by the owner of the API that I must provide the IP address of the caller in order to access the API. In other words, I should be calling the API from a fixed IP address that is known in advance. Their server will have a list of allowed IP addresses.

Is this possible with the Backendless platform? I was assuming any function code that I write is run as needed, where needed, and not necessarily on a particular machine, but I wanted to double check that is true before responding to the client.



Hi Aaron,

Backendless Cloud is a large cluster that consists of multiple servers. New servers are added all the time and others may be removed. As a result, there is no one, persistent list of IP addresses. Unfortunately, we cannot provide that information for a Backendless Cloud app. This would be possible with Managed Backendless though.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for clearing that up. I’m not familiar with the managed option, is this basically backendless running on a dedicated VM? What does the pricing look like for this? We are still in discussion with the developer of the API that we need, but it appears that they need to know the IP addresses of clients ahead of time, so our current option will not work. I will need to know how much of a cost impact we will be looking at in order to proceed with our discussions with them.

In terms of wiring up an endpoint for our phone app to call, I guess this would involve creating a backaendless function that calls the 3rd party API and returns the info that they give us?

Thanks again,


HI Aaron,

Managed Backendless is a complete, dedicated cluster. To get the pricing information, please contact

As for an endpoint, yes, an API service you deploy into Backendless, will give you that.

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