Calls to Standalone resulting in SSL Error

Using the iOS SDK, I am trying to connect to our standalone instance of Backendless 3.0 running on AWS. I am writing in swift and setting the url as follows:
backendless.hostURL = “
The result for our call to userService.registering is as follows:
response: { blah blah },
error: {(fault : Fault!) -> () in
print(“Server reported an error: (fault)”)})
2016-02-17 22:47:00.418 Encourage[7293:2449935] NSURLSession/NSURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -9802)
Server reported an error: FAULT = ‘-1200’ [NSURLErrorDomain] <An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.>

I have checked and Bitnami setup a security profile for 443 on the server and if I browse to the above address (sans the API) it works fine.

Am I not setting the host properly or is it due to something else?

As further clarification, the call works fine if I target the hosted Backendless instance @ (removing the hostURL setter and using the appropriate alternative keys for the app @

Hi Rob,

The standalone edition of Backendless does not come with a SSL certificate. It would be up to you to configure one for your domain name/server.



Is that what the error is indicating, that the certificate isn’t setup right? I do have one, but it doesn’t appear to be ‘trusted’ as it is self signed.
Thank you

The way I read is the SSL handshake between the client and the server has failed. It could be for a number of reasons. I tried opening the URL in a browser to see what Chrome would report, but it appears the host is not there anymore.

Wow Mark, I didn’t expect you to actually take the time to try the server itself! Thank you for that. I actually purposefully hid the actual IP address from my post.

When I hit the URL from a browser I get:
All works! 0e9c8ab326f53d5978967ee8c2dc523518d9c459 build id is 89858

No mention of SSL issues or certificate problems. If you think it would be helpful, could you follow me on Twitter @robwitman and I will DM you the actual address.Your customer service is amazing,

Done. Please send me the public URL and I will check test it from my end as well.

Hi Rob and Mark,

I would like to switch my iOS App with Standalone Backendless backend to HTTPS, as unencrypted HTTP is deprecated by Apple (will stop working for all iOS apps by 01/01/2017).
It would be nice if you could provide some documentation for iOS-SDK how to set up an App to connect via HTTPS to Standalone using a self-signed certificate.
On the server side, the setup is straightforward and well documented, but there is no documentation for the client side.