Can custom functions access app data?

I was wondering whether custom functions can access app data. And if not, would it be possible to add the possibility?

Just pass AppData as an argument into your custom function and it will have full access.


That’s what I was indeed thinking as a fall back. Good to hear that it’s an option. Thx!!

@mark-piller I just realised that when passing the AppData I’m not doing this ‘by reference’. In other words I can’t update the actual AppData :cry: . So having the ‘real’ AppData available would be better I guess.

Could you please show with screenshots how you declared the argument in your function and how you are passing AppData for the argument?

As I didn’t have the original code anymore I ‘dragged’ some test code and it seems the AppData is indeed passed by reference. Therefore I guess I must have done something wrong previously. Thanks for making me look deeper into it! Great to see that variables are passed by reference. Keep up the good work!!