Can I receive a method argument with a hyphen in its name?


I am writing a codeless API service to receive a JSON object when an in-app subscription is made on an iOS device.

The documentation states that the JSON object will contain one parameter, called “receipt-data”

When I try to enter this as a parameter in the codeless method, I get this error.

The error seems to occur whenever a hyphen is used in the parameter name. Is there anything I can do to receive this parameter?

Hi, @Luc_Zentar

We were able to reproduce the issue. An internal ticket has been created - BKNDLSS-31953. We will let you know as soon as the issue has been fixed.


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Thank you Marina, do you have an estimate for timeframes as I hope to put this solution live in the next 2 weeks?

If it is not a high priority and may take longer than this, is there a workaround you can think of?

Hi, @Luc_Zentar

Here’s the timeline:

  1. Research
  2. Fix if needed
  3. Deploy to dev environment, test there
  4. Deploy to stage environment, test there
  5. Deploy to production, test there
  6. Report on the support forum that the fix is done

It is pretty hard to say the exact time estimate. We have noted that this ticket is important to you. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Hi Marina,

Thanks for the information. I know you can’t give an exact timeframe, but it would be helpful to know if you think it’s possible within 2 weeks. Is there any workaround that could be used if not?


Hello @Luc_Zentar

If I understand you correctly, you form the parameters of the getNewSub request based on the JSON?
If so, you can try to replace “-” to “_” in json.


Hi Viktor,

How would I do that?

Currently I have this logic set up

Hi @Luc_Zentar,

The issue has been fixed already, it is dev testing already. If all goes well, we are going to release it in the second half of next week.



Looks like you can do something like this:

Hi @Luc_Zentar

The problem has been fixed and released. Could you please let us know if the fix works for you?


It works, thank you Marina