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Can I see REST API calls somewhere in a LIVE log?

I’m trying to debug an issue with selecting records based on distanceOnSphere from AppGyver. I need to see the logs to determine what AppGyver is actually requesting. Where do I find those logs? I’m using the default REST api to a table, not a self-created API service.

Can’t seem to find it… (I mean the logs in Backendless of course)


Hi Michael,

You would be better off configuring a proxy on the client side. I recommend ChatlesProxy. If you run the app on a mobile device, you can configure the device to send requests to the proxy that will display all traffic (make sure to use http:// endpoint for requests (not https)


That’s an awesome suggestion! Will try that.

Wait, I missed your full explanation. Will have a look again.


Unfortunately this CharlesProxy is above my pay grade :slight_smile: (knowlegde grade)

I’ll try to fix it some other way.