Can I use Backendless standalone web server , mysql as MAMP for web development

I need to set up Phpstorm for web development also I installed Backendless standalone
should I install MAMP separately ? or is it possible to use Backendless installed ones for this purpose

Hi, Mousa!

Backendless Standalone is a locally installed version of Backendless production.
Here’s what Backendless Standalone consists of:

Hi Anatolii
I think you did not get my point. I asked how we should install one instance of appache server and mysql that can be used for Backendless standalone and general web development by Phpstorm IDE for example.


Backendless Standalone goes with its components as showed before. You can use those components (Mysql, Apache) for other needs of yours. It means that you don’t need to install Mysql or Apache since they are already installed with Backendless Standalone. But you are free to do that if you have your reasons - though you should pay careful attention for shared resources usage in this case.

If you want Backendless Standalone to use the components installed by you, than it is your responsibility for components compatibility.
Hope I answered your question.