Can I use ffmpeg with backendless?


I am just trying to find information to see if it it is possible to use ffmpeg with backendless. My app idea will require the use of ffmpeg to process images. I have not found anything from my searches.

Just learning the UI builder at the moment.

Impressive services so far.

Thank you

Hi @Michael_Klem

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

If you want to use the FFmpeg module in your cloud code, you can easily connect it. You can find information on how to connect an npm module at this link: How to use NPM modules in Codeless logic in API Services, Event Handlers and Timers - Knowledge Base - Backendless Support

Also, please note that we have our Image Processor, which you might be able to use. It can be found at Marketplace → API Services → All Services → Image Processor.