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Can not put new object into Backendless Cache

I can not create/put new object into Backendless Cache.
Can someone from the team confirm this?

Can you elaborate on what steps are you taking and what are you trying to achieve? Maybe you can share part of the code, you want me to help with.

What version do you have ?

Regards, Nikita.

I just want to put a data in Backendless Cache.

I used the code I’ve read from the docs for Android, but nothing happens. The response is null. And the data is not saved/put into Backendless Cache.

@KamiMart_KamiMart, what version of backendless are you using?
Backendless Version (3.x / 5.x, Online / Managed / Pro )

Regards, Nikita

@KamiMart_KamiMart, the example in the docs shows placing a string object into cache and an object from the database. Have you tried both?

Also, are you using the latest version of the sdk for Android?

And finally, what is your application ID?