Can not resolve, I doubt it is connection issue

I keep getting this error randomly
[Unable to resolve host ""](

I have read in previous posts you had that it means there is no connection. But I am just seeing it as unlikely. There reason is in my code, I upload a video to a server (many megabytes) and then right after it I save the video link in backendless. What are the odds that is always successfull in video upload and lose connection just at saving to backendless? I think there is more to this error.

Is there any suggestion you can offer to work around this?

Hello @snakeeyes

Please provide your applicationId.

Please describe in more detail your steps so that we can reproduce the problem.
How do you download the file, what is the extension of the file, what is the size of the file?
Do you get an error every time or from time to time?

Hi Adam,

Do you upload to Backendless or some other server?
Generally speaking, when a host cannot be resolved, it means the DNS lookup for the hostname failed. Does the error happen only on your dev machine or in the app deployed to various devices?