Can QR Scanner (UI Builder component) scan 1D barcodes?

I’m storing the barcode (EAN13) in the product table, And will need to retrieve product info by scanning the barcode in-store. Thought that QR Scanner from UI Builder could also pick up 1D barcodes, but seems that it only recognizes 2D aka QR codes.
Either I am missing something, or I need to use another way of implementing the barcode scanning feature. If so, what would be BL recommended way of doing it?

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Hello @Uldis_Borkus

Unfortunately, our component can’t scan barcodes. But I’ve created an internal ticket to improve it(or create a new one that can do it). We will notify you when it will be released.

As for now, I can’t offer you any ready-for-use solution, but you can create your own custom component using a library that can scan barcodes(for example GitHub - mebjas/html5-qrcode: A cross platform HTML5 QR code reader. See end to end implementation at:

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Looking forward to this update

Just another thought would be great if the component could scan PDF 417 Barcodes as well. Returning only the encoded string.

As Always thanks to the team for there help.

Hi @Raymond_Woodley

I have added your suggestion to the relevant ticket. The team is currently working on it. Unfortunately, I cannot provide specific timelines for when it will be completed. We will update you in this thread once the work is finished.


Hi @Viktor_Mudrevsky
I noticed in Github that there is some development for barcode scanner. It wasnt available in Marketplace for UI builder though, do you know when it could be ready?
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Hello, @Uldis_Borkus.

This will be released in the coming weeks(1-2).

Regards, Nikita.

Hi, @Uldis_Borkus!

We are happy to announce that the Barcode Scanner component has been released. You already can try it on the Marketplace > User Interface > UI Components.

Happy Codeless Coding!

Amazing, Thank you guys!