Can UI Builder support 'dynamic select' when nested in repeater component?

Hi, I’ve been working with Marks video on setting up dynamic data with a slect component.
All works well when the logic sits outside a repeater component.
When I include the ‘select component’ as part of a ‘repeater block’ I get an error referencing ‘options’ -

(function (componentUid, options) { ___arguments.context.getComponentByUid(componentUid).options = options })(‘aa458f23de324c1b3c964b1665ab2062’, (await Promise.all( item => {; return ({ ‘label’: (getObjectProperty(item, ‘RoleName’)),‘value’: (getObjectProperty(item, ‘objectId’)) });}))));

code block look like this -

Any help welcome

Hello @Paul_HIllen

Yes, it happens because each RepeaterItem has its own components tree context, for instance, if you have 3 data items in the repeater there will be 3 Select UI Component with the same id so outside the repeater item the system do not know what Select instance you want to get

I can recommend you to use the data-binding approach instead of setting options directly to the Select

Thanks, makes perfect sense.

Hi Vlad, Sorry, I can’t see how to data-bind to select component data!

take a look at the following doc Data Binding - Backendless UI Builder Developer Guide