Canceling Device Registration for the first time not happening in the backendless

Hello, I’m registering my device for push notification automatically for the very first time my application loads in any device which is completely happening and reflecting in backendless device registration table, but when i call “cancel device registration” API for the very first time afterwards, the response i’m getting is {result = ‘true’} but the same is not reflecting in the backendless device registration table and not removing the device. But in 2nd time calling the same API with same value is working perfectly. Could it be a issue from your side ? Cause I checked everything multiple times.

Hello @Subhav_Mathur,

what method( and sdk ) or route do you use that cause the issue?

I’m using Rest API integration with retrofit.

@Subhav_Mathur what route(url) and http method do you use?

Solved it, don’t know why but the solution is that I generated my device id and Cancel Device Registration Request Body only once in MainActivity and distributed it through intents all over the app and then hit the cancel device registration API and it worked. Even though device id generated anywhere in the app has exact value, it still not working with the API.

Thank you for your time. :smile: