Cannot access : Internal Server Error with ID b2d75ca7-ef9a-4611-94df-d1f251a7c7b4

Cannot access :
I can’t access my app

This bug is still not fixed
My client can’t access the app

Hello, @Le_Chi_Hung

At the moment everything is tested and works stably. We are still investigating and will provide more information later.

The situation has been fixed.
But my application always get this error frequently, and I don’t want to get this error in the future because it reduces the output of my application.

Could you specify your appID? And what exactly is the error and step-by-step how to reproduce problem. After that we can reproduce your problem and help.

Hi @Le_Chi_Hung ,

You should not post values of yours application API keys due to security reason. I removed your previous message
My colleague asked about your application identifier (App ID). It can be found on “Manage” > “App Settings” > “App Info”. Could you please copy value of “Application ID” field and post it here? It is safe to public it.

Regards, Andriy