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Cannot activate Twilio Integration plugin

Application ID: 42F6F8E7-A5EE-4AA3-FF0A-D0C78C73F300
Error UID: fb8d7fc2-6955-46d3-83e9-c2c13faa721e

Internal Server Error with ID fb8d7fc2-6955-46d3-83e9-c2c13faa721e. The development team is already aware of this fault and is working on a fix.

Problem description

I’m trying to activate the Twilio Integration plugin but it fails. No clue why. The Dynamic Schemas are enabled. Also, I noticed it’s immediately. Appareantly it cannot even start the installation.

Steps to reproduce

Please describe steps to reproduce starting from the first action.

1.Go to Marketplace
2.Find Twilio Integration plugin
3.Populate the requested fields with my Twilio account data
4.Immediately crashes:

This is my Marketplace > All Services section, by the way:

I realized the unapproved elements are displayed when the app is created with a referral code. I hope this is useful.

Hello @iamenriquediaz

An internal ticket BKNDLSS-22516 has been created and we will look into the issue asap

Regarda, Vlad

Hi @iamenriquediaz!

Unfortunatelly due to bug in app creation logic your new app is broken. That is why you was unable to install Twilio plugin. Bug which caused such problem was fixed today.
Sorry for inconvenience. Please, create new app and delete this one.

Regards, Andriy

Ok, that’s bad news. Thanks for the follow-up!